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Bad Keto vs. Good Keto: Becoming Fat-Adapted the Right Way

Much to the delight of proponents of fat-based eating, the ketogenic diet has seen a noticeable surge in popularity lately. I am of course solidly in this "proponent" category--a large part of my methodology is based on it, and I believe that the right kind of fat consumption can literally transform people's lives and render many profound and lasting changes to their bodies. So I am very happy to see the amount of traction it is gaining, and to see even a small percentage of the public mindset starting to shift towards this approach, because I believe unequivocably in the positive power of it. But there are, of course, the inherent trappings that go along with any new type of diet gaining in popularity. The words "popular" and "diet" automatically evoke certain reactions when used together, and perhaps induce a groan or two, as all of us have seen so many trendy or popular diets come and go, seen the outlandish claims that they make and sometimes do not even begin to deliver on, seen the public fall in love with them only to drop them and move on within a couple years. When was the last time you or anyone has seen anything related to the South Beach Diet, or even Atkins for that matter?

As of today, the ketogenic diet is right at that particular stage. It is starting to make its presence known on social media, it is being featured on more magazine covers, and its popularity is most definitely on the rise. It is very much a "trend", or at very least it is becoming one. And as with any trend, there are many people out there promoting it, selling it, talking about it, practicing it, thinking about practicing it--and what will be the focus of the first half of this article--practicing it and selling it incorrectly. There is a large variety of ways that this diet can be implemented, because it is very broad approach and thus has many many options, but for the sake of argument I am going to exaggerate it and simplify it into two main categories: bad keto and good keto.